Presenter Guidelines

Deadline for Registration

Presenters must register by 30th April 2017 to confirm attendance and to secure residential accommodation where required.  Failure to register by this date will lead to your paper being withdrawn from the programme. Click here to register now.

Session Formats

Please go to Session Formats for a description of each presentation format.

Preparing your paper presentation

All meeting rooms will be provided with a screen, projector and laptop.  Presenters are responsible for loading their own PowerPoint slides from usb memory sticks.  Access to meeting rooms for rehearsal is by prior arrangement with the Principal Global Events staff at the registration desk.

You should allow for the following approximate presentation times:

Format       Speaker Presentation   Audience Participation       
Theatre Style 20 minutes  10 minutes
Roundtable 15 minutes  45 minutes – 1 hour
Workshop 15 minutes  45 minutes – 1 hour
IGNITE 5 minutes  50 minutes
Poster Displays Permanently on display. Author available to discuss during refreshment breaks.


A freestanding display panel measuring 1m by 2m and a chair will be provided for poster displays.  The ideal poster size is AO:

Handouts: You are welcome to bring a summary, the full text or other supporting document to hand out to delegates.  One copy should be handed to the Chair of your session, although attendances vary from session to session, approximately 50 copies should be sufficient for most audiences.

Session Promotion: To assist delegates in their selection of sessions, we will provide a copy of your abstract in our conference mobile app.  We have found that the addition of a short personal biography (and photo) is also well received and you are encouraged to email this to the BELMAS office by 14th May 2017.  You may wish to include contact details too.

Conference App: Free to download from May, the conference app will facilitate networking, provide information on presenters and their papers and will include a list of delegates, meeting room’s floor plan, a personal schedule, venue information, up to date programme and in-built social media.

Presentation Content

Delegates will choose which sessions to attend from the programme titles and from the abstracts which were submitted for review.  It is important that your presentation accurately reflects this.


Presenters have a moral obligation to acknowledge all contributions to their paper both orally at the time of presentation and by referencing authors in papers submitted to conference.

The Conference organisers will refer allegations of plagiarism for full investigation and remedy.

Post Conference Publication

BELMAS will publish selected full papers included in the conference programme on the Society’s conference website. Authors are requested to submit the full text of their paper to using the formatting guidance below.

Formatting Guidelines for Full Papers:

Document size The maximum length of the paper should be ten pages.
Page size The standard page size should be A4
Font 11-point Arial should be used for all main body text
Basic text styles Use bold for emphasis – sparingly. Use italic for publication titles only. Use ‘straight’ apostrophes and quotation marks, not ‘smart’ (curly) ones. Use hyphens for dashes – like this.
Abbreviations and acronyms Write out abbreviations and acronyms in the first instance and abbreviate thereafter, for example ‘the Scottish Higher Education Enhancement Committee (SHEEC)’. Use abbreviations and acronyms sparingly as they can make text difficult to read.
Layout Text should be single column, left-aligned
Figures and tables These should be embedded in the text at an appropriate location and should use a font style and size that is consistent with the main body text
Hyperlink styles Use www. (not http://www) and end the URL with a full stop if it appears at the end of a sentence. Hyperlinks in Word documents should be ‘active’ (that is, the link opens in a web browser when the user clicks on it), blue and underlined. For example
References The preferred referencing style is shown below
Footnotes and footer styles Footnotes are 9-point Arial at the foot of the page with a short divider line above and a full stop at the end. In the body text the footnote number appears superscript after punctuation,1 like so.

1 This is a footnote in 9-point arial.

Paper title
The title of the paper should be centred at the top of the first page and should be in 16-point Arial bold. The author titles should be separated from the paper title by one line space (11-point Arial) and should be in 14-point Arial. The author affiliations should follow immediately below the author names in 12-point Arial.
Abstract An abstract of no more than 150 words should be included below the author affiliations. The abstract should be justified and should be in 11-point Arial.
Section headings Each section should be numbered according to the numbering styles shown in the example paper template page provided.
Basic number styles Dates are ‘Friday 15 January 2015’. Numbers are one to nine in words; 10 and over in figures; 1,000 and over with a comma
Pages numbers Documents should have page numbers centred in the footer, 11-point Arial.



Please see the examples below for the elements to include in references:

Woods, P., 2011. “Transforming Education Policy: Shaping a Democratic Future”. Policy Press


Simkins, T. (1997b), “Managing Resources”. In B. Fidler, S.Russell and T. Simkins, (Eds.), Choices for Self-Managing Schools. Autonomy and Accountability, pp. 161-178. London: Paul Chapman Publishing.


For clarification on the requirements for presentations or post-conference publication, please contact the BELMAS Office at