Session 2


Friday 7th July                                               
17:15 – 18:30

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Room & Format Title Presenter (Co-authors) Chair
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System leadership and school self-improvement – contemporary issues.  A symposium of three papers to be presented by the London Centre for Leadership in Learning Trevor Male, Toby Greany, David Godfrey (Melanie Ehren) Ann Kendrick
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Leading Diverse Teams: the Case of English Departments at the CAS Amal S. Muqarshi Deb Outhwaite
Leading Academic Departments: Institutional Issues and Challenges Jane Creaton
Induction for Principals in Chile: An Analysis from a Global Perspective Carmen Montecinos,
Tony Bush
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The Development of the Practivst Scholar: Preparing educational leaders for practical application of social justice advocacy and scholarship in schools and communities Richard M. Pelton, A. Minor Baker (Jason R. Swisher, Isaac A. Torres)
Janet Goodall
The Community-Principal Interface: Challenges, Dilemmas, and Ways Forward for Social Justice Leadership Lee Flood, Alex Oldham
Starting a leadership for social justice journey: one headteacher’s praxis Kay Fuller
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Out Clubbing?: A mechanism for bringing evidenced based practice into school Martha Boyne,
Hazel Beadle
Linda Hammersley-Fletcher
Stakeholder perceptions of outstanding leadership in schools and colleges in England Jaswinder K Dhillon
Want more research engagement in schools? School leaders need first to foster trust Chris Brown
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The remuneration of governors of educational institutions : a case study of the effects of paying governors of further education colleges in Northern Ireland Ron Hill, Colin  Forrest, Chris James Philip Mason
Exploring the changing role of School Governors in addressing the global challenge of provision for equitable education through developing and implementing a ‘vision’ for Special Educational Needs (SEN) Kim Walker
Academic Staff Governor Roles at Three Outstanding General Further Education Colleges in England. Abdulla Sodiq

Indicates papers with authors from institutions outside the
United Kingdom