Session 4

Saturday 8th July                                    
11:50 – 13:00

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Practitioner Workshop

Bronte 1
(Theatre Style)

“My leadership versus your bureaucracy”: how school leaders see governance through contracting autonomy in Portugal Maiza Trigo
(António G. Ferreira)
Akeem Ayutunde

Bronte 2
(Theatre Style)

Doing Social Justice: Framing Social Justice Leadership as Administrative Action Alex Oldham, Lee Flood
Martin Thrupp
Social Justice Leadership: Policy and Practice in Small Educational Systems Ireland, Scotland and Wales Christine Forde, Deirdre Torrance, Fiona King, Joe Travers, Ken Jones
Culturally Responsive Classrooms for Refugee Students: The Perceptions of Educational and Community Leaders on School Programs for Refugee Students Richard Pelton
Bronte 3
(Theatre Style)
Trotting between transactional and transformational leadership to Instigate Changes for Inclusive Education in Hong Kong Kim Fong Poon-Mcbrayer
Cathy Ping Xie
Off with their heads! International comparisons of the effect on ex-principals following involuntary occupation dissolution Mark  Gibson, Susan Simon
A study was conducted in seven Dutch Reformed Secondary Schools of heads’ and teachers’ perceptions of the values heads have, their actions, and the relation with their Christian faith. Counter-intuitively, hardly any influence was reported of the local culture, neither as a source of values nor a context of schools. Piet Murre
(Theatre Style)
Navigating Leadership in Education through Tumultuous Times Marian Fushell, Janice Tucker
Felix Maringue
Can schools resist Marketisation?  The politics of resistance Linda Hammersley-Fletcher (Usama Darwish)
Principals’ perspectives of dilemma and challenges of educational leadership for a global society in Nigerian secondary schools. Hauwa Imam, Binta Lawal Bagiwa
What can collage creation reveal about educational leadership for a global society?  A hands-on exploration of an alternative, arts-based research method for uncovering leadership experience Amanda Roberts,
Philip Woods
Linet Arthur

Indicates papers with authors from institutions outside the
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