Session 5

Saturday 8th July                                 
14:00 – 15:10

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Room & Format Title Presenter (Co-authors) Chair
Cacophony to Harmony: The Challenge of Educating Refugee Children for a Global Society Farah Sarraj
Jane Creaton
Very unsocial media: Perceptions of cyber bullying within education Hazel Beadle
Governance in Multi-Academy Trusts Ian Dewes
Can university public engagement boost a transformative perspective of Higher Education? Insights from Latin America. Paulette Dougnac
Bronte 1
(Theatre Style)
How do the intersections of race and gender among Black and Global Majority heritage women principal/headteachers impact on achieving and exercising school leadership in South Africa, England and the United States? Kay Fuller, Pontso Moorosi, Elizabeth Reilly
Anthony Thorpe
‘I am a woman and in our culture this is heavy baggage’: balancing being woman and academic Saeeda Shah
‘Headship is a maybe for many, many reasons’: The challenges and dilemmas perceived by women deputy headteachers as they look towards their professional futures Laura Guihen
Bronte 2
(Theatre Style)
Like a Circle in a Spiral, Like a Wheel within a Wheel: An Art Teacher Engages in Public School Reform Joy Phillips (Jennifer Katz-Buonincontro)
Simon Clarke
School Improvement Plan Quality of Principals Leading School Turnaround Coby Meyers, Bryan VanGronigen
Bronte 3
Paradox at work: thinking and thinking differently about the constitution of school leaders and their work in a global society Chris Dolan Chris Dolan
The governance of multi-academy trusts: some emerging issues Ray Chatwin Ray Chatwin
Disrupting social control in schools through agency: A partnership between students and district leaders Richard Pelton (Blaine Carpenter, Jason Swisher)
Richard Pelton

Indicates papers with authors from institutions outside the
United Kingdom