Session Programme

Session 1


Friday 7th July                                    
15:30 – 16:45

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Room & Format Title Presenter (Co-authors) Chair
(Theatre Style)
Women primary school principals in Cyprus: Barriers to progression Maria Karamanidou (Tony Bush) Coby Vincent Myers
Emirati Women’s Leadership Career Development Journeys: Case Studies from the United Arab Emirates Abeer Al Rasbi
Bronte 1
(Theatre Style)
The importance of agonistic democracy and passion in the professional development of teacher-leaders Linda Hammersley-Fletcher, Mathew Clarke, Vanessa McManus Carmen Montecinos Meyers
The attractions and Challenges in Building Teacher Leaders Hairon Salleh
Sustainability and Educational Leadership Development in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA): Responding to multiple perspectives Terfot Ngwana, Tonisha F. Tagoe, Debi Haye
Bronte 2
(Theatre Style)
Managing educational change in a time of social and economic crisis in Greece Thomas Georgas
Ioanna Palaiologou
Exploring Middle Leadership as Relational Leadership in Malaysia Uma Malar
Leadership, school to school collaboration and the north-side divide Michael Jopling
Bronte 3
(Theatre Style)
The Power in our Schools: Considerations for Critical Methodologies Phillip Mason Amanda Roberts
#leadingmamas – a visual ethnography Sarah Jean Baker
Narrative Accounts in Educational Leadership; A Tool for Finding Motive and Morality in Autobiographical Works Claire Bishop
(Theatre Style)
E-Working, more than just homework?: How legacy influences use of e-working in the education sector Hazel Beadle  Paul Miller
And G-d Danced  –  Parental engagement, critical thinking and Jewish Families Janet Goodall
Teachers Learning and Teachers Leading: Only Connect Simon Clarke
(Theatre Style)
Leadership development and challenges in complementary schools Linet Arthur, Ana Souza Saeeda Shah
Leadership challenges in international schools in Saudi Arabia: resolving the tensions between the “international” and the conservative “national” Waheed Hammad
(Saeeda Shah)
Navigating the ‘unleaderly’: exploring the tensions, dilemmas and possibilities of leadership practice Fiona Creaby
(Theatre Style)
Educational Leadership for a global society: challenges, dilemmas and ways forward to challenge a ‘post-truth’ context Alison Taysum Hauwa Imam
Educational Leadership for a global elite? Challenges, dilemmas and ways forward for Senior Leaders and the International Baccalaureate’s Diploma Programme in England. Deborah Outhwaite

Indicates papers with authors from institutions outside the
United Kingdom